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Rowland Appraisal offers a full range of appraisal services for attorneys, trust officers and legal professionals in the Southern California area. We have the experience necessary to deliver professional, articulate work for demanding clients. Appraisal services range from prenuptial agreements and divorce, business partnerships formation, or dissolution, estate taxation and appeals, partial interests and Retroactive appraisals for estate purposes.

Our philosophy when it comes to appraisals that are intended for litigation, arbitration or mediation is that we do it right the first time. Litigation, by its very definition, means there is a dispute. We at Rowland Appraisals conduct each step in the appraisal process with the idea that our report will have to be defended through cross examination. Thus, prior to rendering our detailed report, we are aware and able to rectify any weaknesses in our position. Futhermore, this process provides us with the clear understanding of the opposition's alternative strategies.

We welcome the opportunity to provide your team with an excellent level of appraisal services for litigation support.
  Expert Witness
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