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  Qualifications and Experience:

In the appraisal field, as in many other professions, there is absolutely no substitute for experience!

After college in the mid 1970's I worked for American Appraisal Company, the largest appraisal firm at that time in the world. After a couple of years I started my own appraisal business and have been doing a variety of different assignments for over 30 years. I have a Certified General License, the top license a real estate appraiser can obtain with the state of California. I am the principal of Rowland appraisals and have a wealth of practical experience, unique in the industry. Experience ranges not only from conducting appraisal assignments throughout southern California but also teaching appraisal classes, hands on construction, consulting, expert witness, investing and selling real estate.

In addition to the above stated experience, I shared an office in a law firm for approximately 12 years assisting in appraising various types of properties for litigation and accounting matters.

When you employ my company for your unique needs having a full range of experience, sensitiveity and understanding about the scope of the appraisal assignment can be the big difference in assuring that the job will be done properly the first time. I have a proven tract record and stand behind every assignment. We at Rowland Appraisals are able to provide a fast-turnaround time utilizing the state of the art software and incorporating the newest forms of digital appraisal technology. In addition, to complete the assignment quickly throughout southern california, every appraisal is completed electronically.

At Rowland Appraisals we are fast, reliable, have competitive fees and will do the job right the first time.
We realize you have a choice so when it comes to ordering your next appraisal assignment, let Rowland Appraisals be your choice.

Thank you for reading

Derek Rowland, AG-009113
General Real Estate Appraisers "Top License"   Real Estate Appraisers Liability Insurance    



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